Hello there, I'm Bruno.

I'm a software engineer with a passion for big scale, highly concurrent distributed systems. I strongly believe the best way to build them is by leveraging the power of functional programming.

Where I've worked

  1. Globant

    Specialist Engineer

    • Develop and maintain high performance microservices utilizing the Typelevel stack
    • Help coworkers advance their Scala knowledge and expertise via pairgramming, presentations and recommendation of training resources
    • Participated in the design and development of CI/CD pipelines, leveraging Jenkins to enforce quality gates and automate the deployment of applications to AWS
  2. BQN

    Software Developer

    • Improved query efficiency by leveraging recursive queries
    • Trained new hires in Scala
    • Introduced new design patterns into internal libraries, increasing developer experience and efficiency
    • Developed and maintained web services utilising Scala Play
    • Implemented digital signature functionality for a web application using Scala and Java Cryptography

Wanna chat? Here's where you can find me.